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Tekken 5 Game Review

Introduction To Tekken 5

Tekken 5 was released on November 15, 2004. It is the best fighting game. According to Google, this game is rated 4.2 that means 92% of Google users like this game. I also recommend you to play this game. This game is developed by Namco. You need to play Tekken 5.

Tekken 5 is a fighting game. If you want to play Tekken 5 playing link is given below. If you will play this game you will enjoy it. I also enjoy Tekken 5. This is my favorite game I am saying again you if you play this game you will enjoy it. When Tekken 5 was released this game become the best fighting game. According to my opinion, most players love this game. If you are searching Tekken 5 Free play it means you love Tekken 5 and you want to play it.

Most Players love Tekken 5 but most players not like Tekken 5. I do not know why they not like this game. But according to my thinking, I think the player who plays GTA or Racing games they do not like a fighting game. They do not like only Tekken 5 but they do not like all fighting games.

Tekken 5 Features

Following are the Features of Tekken 5 
  • Best Fighting Action Game.
  • 32 playable characters.
  • 7 new characters.
  • Nice design Surrounding.
  • Beautiful Game
  • New Players are the best.
  • Customize your characters yourself.
  • Lots of new Surrounding Design.
  • New Best Feature.
  • Rated 4.2 on Google.

How Many Players Can Play Tekken 5

Two players can play Tekken 5 By sitting together. They can play Tekken 5 with a keyboard or Joystick. But Most players play Tekken 5 with the keyboard in Pakistan but I do not other countries by which thing they play Tekken 5. I Give you Advice please play this game with a joystick because it is best for fighting games.

Tekken 5 System Requirement

  • Ram: 2 GB.
  • Hard disk Space: 2 GB or more.
  • Video card: 3.0 Pixel Shader with 512 MB.
  • Sound Card: Windows direct x 10.0.
  • OS: operating system windows 7, 8, or 10.

Is Tekken 5 is Better Than Other Fighting Games

Yes, this is better than other fighting games but it is not better than Tekken 6 because Tekken 6 is the latest game and it much much better than Tekken 5. This Does not mean that Tekken 5 is a bad game no it is the good game every player loves the different game not all players love the same game try this game one this may you like this game and other people do not like this like game.

Can I Run Tekken 5 on Core 2 Duo

Yes, you can run Tekken 5 on core 2 duo this game will run very easily if you have 2GB Ram in core 2 duo Cpu then this game will be run. But I Recommend You to play Tekken 5 in core i3 because the game will run very smoothly in core i3. But I do not know how the will game run in the core 2 duo You Need to buy core i3 or core i5 because you will run another game in your pc these can create a problem for you. But Tekken 5 Will Run in core 2 duo easily. If You Want to play Tekken 5 Link is given below.

How Much Time Take Tekken 5 For Install

This will take up to 5 minutes if you have a core 2 duo pc with 2GB Ram If You Have core i3 or core i5 it will be installed in just 2 minutes according to my experience. If you like my article please comment below. I Have provided you only game setup which means you need to install the game by yourself the reason why I have to give you setup only the reason is that this setup size is small and the full game size is too big. This can create a problem when you playing a full game of internet slow speed. Then I have given the only setup.setup will download in just minute and you will install it just in one minute and you will play it. If I Provide setup this can take to much time.

Can I Play Tekken 5 Online

No, you cannot play Tekken 5 online Sorry. But you can play Tekken 7 online with your friends. sorry, this feature is not available in Tekken 5. I like this game. but you can play this game offline with your friends by sitting together. sitting together is best then the online game. I Like yo play offline by sitting together with family members and with friends. I Do not what you like sitting together or online.

Is Tekken 5 is Good For New Players

Yes, this is an excellent game for new players. But now new players love Tekken 5 because it has many new features more than Tekken 5. But I Like Tekken five because it has very good design Surrounding. All players are very good. But I like Anna Williams's player. I Do not which player you like. If you want to play Tekken 5 Link is given below. When you play this game you will select your player.

Is Tekken 5 is Free 

Yes, this is a free game you can play from my website. This is a free game I play this game daily. you can also play this game free.

Is Tekken 5 is Available for android

Yes, Tekken 5 is available for android but you cannot play the android version from here. here you can play only pc version game.

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